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Organize your business for perfect operation

The way that you set up your business can either make or break your company. Appropriately setting up your company will make tax time easier and will make it better for any business partners. Let Corporate Legal Counsel, Ltd help you determine how to set up your corporation to be successful.

We provide business counseling

Having someone to go to for advice is an invaluable resource. At Corporate Legal Counsel, Ltd, we wish to become your counsel and advisor when it comes to your business.


We can help you set up your business in the proper S-corp, C-corp limited liability company or LLC as needed. With years of experience in business organizations, we can help you find the perfect business fit.

We counsel businesses on:

- Business tax issues

- Financing issues

- Acquisition and divestitures

- Relationship among owners

- Contracts

We can help set up your business in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Indiana.

Get general

business advice:


Come to us if you need help with the formation of your business, or any future business acquisitions.