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Use our estate planning to plan for each stage of life

Providing for your family is one of the top issues that you should take care of, for the sake of your business and your personal life. Setting up an estate plan  for you assets is something that you should take care of regularly. Stop by our office and we can help you with your estate plan.

Plan out your estate with legal counsel

Looking to start estate planning but don't know what it entails? If you need help planning how to leave your property, Corporate Legal Counsel, Ltd is well equipped to help you achieve a proper estate plan that suits your needs.


We can go over your assets, any real estate you have and how you wish to distribute any money, and other assets.

Estate planning includes:

- Health care power of attorney

- Living will or Physian's declaration.

- Durable financial power of attorney

- Revocable living trust

- Irrevocable living trust

- Wills and probate

- Legal preparation of planning documents

- Living will or Physians declaration.

Leave your loved ones in a good state by taking advantage of our

estate planning.

Talk to us about your

final wishes:


Leave your family and business in good financial health by allowing us to help you create a trust and other estate planning documents.