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Let us get your business off to the right start

Are you interested in starting a business? There are a number of decisions to make during your initial set up of the business. Let Corporate Legal Counsel, Ltd help you with the information you need to establish your business to be a success.

The challenges of business formation

Getting a business started can present some unique challenges. First, you must determine what type of entity to form. We can help you understand the tax implications, steps to ensure limitation of liability, and the making of critical decisions of any start up.


If you are struggling to determine what type of business you wish to become, call Corporate Legal Counsel, Ltd to set up an appointment and let us go over your options.

Types of businesses and benefits:

- Corporation - A for-profit business owned by shareholders,

  including C Corporation and S Corporation.

- Limited liability company - A company in which individual

  members have limited liability for the actions of the company

- Limited liability partnership - A company in which each  

 partner is liable for his or her own acts but not those of the  

 other partners

- Sole proprietorship - A business owned by one person

- Partnership - A business owned by two or more people each

 liable for the acts of other partners.

We happily help all new business owners during the start up process!

Take the first step in opening your new company:


At Corporate Legal Counsel, Ltd, we can prepare operating agreements, buy-sell agreements, partnership agreements, and other business formation documents that can help you reach your goal.

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