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Let us help you on the road to citizenship

Are you a permanent resident of the United States looking to become a citizen? We can go over your bid for citizenship and guide you towards the best possible course of action. Let us help make your citizenship application easier than ever.

We help with work permits and green cards

Interested in changing your non-immigrant status to a green card or permanent resident visa that will allow you to stay in the United States permanently and work?


Come to Corporate Legal Counsel, Ltd and let us counsel you on the best course of action to start on the path to becoming

a permanent resident or U.S. citizen.

We help with:

- Non immigrant visas

- Work permits

- Permanent resident visas or Green card

- U.S. Citizenship

We can help with your application towards

U.S. citizenship!

Need help with U.S. immigration? Call:


Need advice on how to move towards your green card? Let Corporate Legal Counsel, Ltd help you.